Python: How to Upgrade to pip 10.0.1

How to Upgrade Pip

Have you ever tried to install a Python module and been stopped dead in your tracks by a rude error claiming that you’re version of pip is somehow insufficient?

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Python: How to Script Image Adjustments


I’ll level with you. I rarely need to manipulate specific pixels in an image, but when those occasions come along, it’s a massive pain in the neck. One that’s preventable with Python. So here it is. A quick starter guide to coding pixel by pixel adjustments.

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VBA: How to Extract Parts of Speech in Word

Where are the verbs?

Here’s a fun trick for all you VBA grammar enthusiasts out there. All 6 of you.

There exists something called a SynonymInfo Object. It lets you access things like definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and parts of speech in Word. Cool beans, right?

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Processing: How to Load All Images in a Sketch Folder

Image Arrays in Processing

Did you know you can create an array of images?! I just learned this. And the really exciting part is that you can rig up Processing to look through your Sketch folder to get the names of images to load into that array.

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Processing: How to Hide Messages in Static

What Do I Say?

Poltergeist was hands down the scariest movie I saw as a child. It hard coded my brain to associate static on television with sinister messages from the beyond. Now that I’m older,  I’ve come to the realization that static is a great place to hide all kinds of messages (thanks Poltergeist). And Processing is the obvious place to make that happen.

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Processing: How to Code a Scrolling Timeline


mouseMoved() never seemed like a particularly useful tool in Processing until I started experimenting with different timeline set-ups. Turns out, it’s marvelous.

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