What is AutoHotkey (AHK)?

Computers have a multiple languages—many of which are completely indecipherable. But if you can learn the vocabulary, the grammar, and the rules of punctuation, you can tell the damn thing to do whatever you want.

AutoHotkey uses a fairly simple scripting language, and after a quick software download (offered here), you can start coding straight into Notepad.


As a beginner, even with the AutoHotkey tutorials, this is still a quite confusing, so I’ve compiled a little list of things I wish I’d known when I got started.

How To Get Started?

Once you’ve downloaded AutoHotkey, right-click the desktop, go to New and click AutoHotkey Script. From here, just start typing.


Why Does The Code Look So Confusing?

The code looks like gibberish because there are special symbols for certain keys. ! means ALT. + means SHIFT. ^ means CONTROL. And that’s not all for the vocabulary. There’s a full list of Computerspeak to English translations in the Autohotkey tutorial page.

How Do I Refer to a Specific Program?

To call on a program, sometimes it’s not enough to put PROGRAM_NAME.EXE like notepad.exe. Occasionally, I’ve had to find the place where that program is stored in order to give that to the computer.


If you’ve ever wondered how to do that, by the way, it’s a right-click to properties. Then look for the Target.

What If I Do Something Wrong?

This. This will happen.


It’ll do its best to point out where stuff went buggy.

 So What Can I Really Use It For?

Things like creating your own customized hotkeys, mass automated file management, and convincing your friends to stay away from your computer. There’s a lot. I’ll be posting the things I manage to make with it for reference.

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