How to Pick a Starter Coding Language

How to Pick a Starter Coding Language

Seems like everyone’s got an opinion on which language is ideal for beginners. I have a theory that it’s the kind of thing you should decide based on your existing computer habits.

So, say, if you’re already spending 5 hours a week modeling in Blender or editing photos in GIMP, you probably want to start by automating tasks in those programs with their respective scripting languages.

And as a default, it’s safe to assume pretty much anyone can use help managing files and freaking out their friends. That’s where AutoHotkey comes in.

Thus a flow chart was born. Got suggestions for more? Post ’em below.


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5 thoughts on “How to Pick a Starter Coding Language

  1. I’ve messed around with quite a few. Can’t claim to be a real expert on any. Some of the connecting technologies are completely new to me. From your chart, are you saying that QGis and ArcGIS lead to Python or is it the other way around? I’m fascinated by Python because of the power it has for data science.

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  2. Raven Hon says:

    I like Python. And I spend sometime on Node.js as well. When you have to do something on web, you will need JavaScript eventually.

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