Scheme: How to Assign Variables

Part of what makes scheme such a bloody mess is the variable situation. If you’ve ever found yourself chewing at the curtains wondering why, dear god, why the console won’t stop with the unbound variable errors, chances are something is wrong with the way you wrote one or all of your variables. That’s why I’m […]

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Scheme: How to Loop GIMP Functions

For my first script of the new year, I started learning an entirely new language for an entirely different program that has resulted in my enduring a genuinely disturbing number of migraines over the last few days. Tangential Warning: I don’t recommend scheme for beginners. I wouldn’t recommend it for any living creature because scheme […]

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AHK: How to Make a User Interface

I loathe ComputerSpeak. Missed commas. Misspelled commands. A { instead of a ( because those bastards look exactly alike. Opening the script guarantees that I will make at least one of these errors while updating the code to do something slightly different. So in order to combat this, I’m making my script a muzzle. Call […]

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My Laptop is a Parasite.

Let me start off by saying, my computer is the soul-sucking spawn of Satan. For that reason, I hope she dies a painful death, preferably boiling in a vat of holy water after having had each of her keys gouged out. We have a very volatile relationship. Codependent, verbally abusive, and just f%#ing nonsensical at […]

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