Table of Contents

Welcome to GifGuide. The blog feed can be discombobulating, so here’s a list of all tutorials broken down by programming language.


Python for Blender
1. How to Loop
2. How to Randomize Location
3. How to Automate Animation
4. How to Cipher
5. How to Save Coordinates in a TXT
6. How to Nest Lists
7. How to Write a Function
8. How to Code Circles
9. How to Animate Circles
10. How to Make a Mesh from XYZ Coordinates
11. How to Batch Export UV Layouts
12. How to Code Materials in Blender CyclesAnabelle Lee
13. How to Randomize Rotation
14. How to Loop through Mesh Vertices
15. How to Animate Sliding Text
16. How to Code an All-Purpose Text Animator
17. How to Loop Image Sequences into Textures
18. How to Automate Shape Keys
19. How to Scale Down Coordinates for a Map Scene

1. How to Start
2. What is a Range Object?
3. How to Write Your Own Function
4. How to Use Dictionary Objects
5. How to Return the Last Row and Column
6. How to Get a Spreadsheet of Files Names
7. How to Condense Two Columns into a List
8. How to Get a List from a Range of Numbers
9. How to Get a Range of Numbers from a List
10. How to Auto-Generate Personalized Emails from Excel
11. How to Crack the Caesar Shift with Brute Force
12. How to Code a Letter Frequency Chart
13. How to Code a Polygon Coordinates Importer
14. How to Use VLookUp in a Macro
15. How to Customize Font to Specific Text in Word
16. What Exactly is a File System Object?

Processing Thomas Jefferson's Wheel
1. How to Code a Grayscale Cipher
2. How to Add CSV data to Maps
3. How to Code a Wheel Cipher Layout
4. How to Randomize Texture Exports
5. How to Automate Grid Sequences
6. How to Code Transparency for Texture Exports
7. How to Script Spanish Verbs and Pronouns
8. How to Control Game Screens with Mouse Clicks

Python for QGISCSVLoaded

1. How to Loop Functions
2. How to List Polygon Intersections

Python for ArcGIS

1. How to Start Scripting
2. How to Export Intersection Results to a Text Document

Python for Microsoft Suite
1. How to Deal with Tables in Word

Stand-Alone Python
1. How to Write a Web Scraper

Scheme for GIMP
1. How to Assign Variables
2. How To Loop GIMP Functions


1. What is AutoHotkey
2. How to Make a Hotkey
3. How to Automate File Creation
4. How to Delete Every Other File in a Folder
5. How to Make a User Interface
6. How to Use If/Else in a GUI
7. How to Code a Targeted File Deleter with a GUI
8. How to Automate Keystrokes
9. How to Automate Mouse Movements
10. How BGR Color Works
11. How to Extract Every Hex Code from an Image
12. How to Loop Code Through ImagesLoopsExplained
13. How to Decipher the Caesar Shift
14. What is an Array?
15. How to Use If/Else with Arrays
16. How to Make a User Interface with Graphics
17. How to Write a Web Scraper

1. A Guide to Parts

1. How to Install GAP for Gifs
2. How to Read Your Google Location Data
3. Malware Anatomy: The Anna Kournikova Worm