Six Programs for Starving Artists

Like most freelancers out there, I don’t have spare cash for subscription fees. Approximately 99.9% of my disposable income goes toward coffee, booze, and books.  Side-note: If you haven’t read Stiff by Mary Roach, you should. Informative but also surprisingly lighthearted. Back to the point. Graphic design, photo editing, 3D modeling, GIS packages—the serious stuff […]

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Processing: How to Randomize Textures

Scenes with custom textures always seem to turn out better for me, but they’re hellish to make. I’ve spent hours in GIMP hand-drawing patterns, carefully testing out layers to get  effects. It’s a hassle. However, I’m learning to automate more of that sort of thing with Processing. What’s really nice about that is you can […]

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