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Processing: How to Script Spanish Verbs and Pronouns

A Processing Guide

I’ve been on siesta for about a month now, so today I’m starting a new series. This one is going to be an experiment in building language-learning scripts.

Picking up a second language is really friggin’ hard.  There are apps, but those seem to be tailored for total beginners. I took Spanish in high school, so I remember a lot of the rules. I don’t want to build from the ground up. I want something closer to a crash course. An interactive one.

So I turned to Processing.

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JSON: How to Read Your Google Location Data


A few days ago, I was actively avoiding my life plans (and scrolling through WordPress) when I stumbled upon a GIF from Vincze Istvan showing where Google had plotted his locations over the last few years.

And my brain exploded. I mean, I knew in the back of my mind that anytime I checked my email or looked for directions or asked Lyft for a ride, my information at that particular time and place was probably being stored somewhere. That storage place had always felt far too abstract to make me paranoid.

Until I saw it projected in a GIF in a supremely tangible way.

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VBA: What Exactly is a FileSystemObject?

I really wish Hyperbole and a Half was still posting.

It’s friggin’ magic. FileSystemObject is how you run scripts on your files and folders in VBA. You want to create 100 files on your desktop automatically? It’ll let you do that. You want to delete files with specific names in a directory? It’ll let you do that too. It’s also pretty crucial to viruses like Anna Kournikova and the Love Bug, which I’ve been looking at recently. So here’s how to make a FileSystemObject.

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Malware Anatomy: The Anna Kournikova Worm


I don’t advocate the use of viruses, worms, Trojan horses, ransomware, or anything else that can screw up someone’s system or violate their privacy.

It’s oddly satisfying to peak inside them though. Like disassembling a clock.

Kournikova was my first pick because she’s written in Visual Basic, which isn’t too painful to read. She’s also so old it’s unlikely anyone would be able to use this walk-through to create something malicious. Old in malware years anyway. In human years, she’ll be seventeen next month.

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VBA: How to Customize Font to Specific Text in Word


Short one today.

I’m getting ready to write a post on worms and realized it’d be really nice if Word could mimic the font formatting that happens in the Visual Basic editor. Color coding helps me see relationships a lot easier when I’m trying to get my head around another person’s script.

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Python: How to Deal with Tables in Word


I think I’ve mentioned it before that the Python documentation can be really confusing for beginners. There may be people out there who can look at this Table objects page and completely understand what’s happening.

I am not those people. I need visuals.

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Arduino: A GifGuide to Parts


I get approximately 2 sentences into most Aduino guides before becoming a giant ball of rage because I have no idea what’s going on. The terminology has been a serious barrier to entry for me. So I decided to take a break from scripting to make a guide for all the fun bits that come in an Arduino kit.

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