Python: How to Upgrade to pip 10.0.1

How to Upgrade Pip

Have you ever tried to install a Python module and been stopped dead in your tracks by a rude error claiming that you’re version of pip is somehow insufficient?

It cuts you off with a vague sense that you’ve done something very wrong and need to do something involving the command prompt to appease the Python gods. As an initial punishment though, you have to claw through all this nonsense.

Wrong Version of Pip Error

So what does it all mean?!

It means you have to upgrade pip. Here’s how that’s done.

Step 1: Find your Python folder

This was my main issue. I genuinely couldn’t figure out where Python had saved itself.

Find the Python Folder

Eventually I realized if you go into your search bar and type in Python, you can right click the Python IDLE to open the file location.

*This may take you to a shortcut to the Python IDLE. If that happens, right click the short cut, and hit open file location until you see the Python application.

Python Folder

Congratulations. This is your Python file location.

Step 2: Open the Command Prompt

I know it’s not fun, but it’s necessary. Once you’ve got it open, use the “cd” command to change the directory to the Python file location. Then use this line to get the upgrade.

python -m pip install --upgrade pip

Command Prompt

If all has gone well, you’ll get a message that says “Successfully installed pip-10.0.1.”

Step 3: Try to Install the Module Again

You’ll need to change your directory again. This time, you’ll want to be in the folder where Pip is saved. That should be in Scripts.

Then plug in:

pip install theModuleName

Install a Python Module

And you’re done. Happy coding.


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